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Szalai Cellar

“Szalai Cellar strives to fill into its bottles the rays of sunlight ripening the grape bunches, the breeze combing the leaves of the vines, the warmth of the bazalt of the hill – everything what Somlo itself is. We are offering this with the commitment, experience and accumulated knowledge of three generations of winemakers. Our family has ben making wine since 1964. We work 2 hectares on the Southern side of Somlo, our vineyards contain juhfark, furmint and irsai oliver vines. We only ferment with natural yeasts and we don’t adjust the natural acidity levels. Our cellar can host 20 people at the same time. Before bottling, we age our wines for one year in oak barrels. Our mission: To become an active part of Somlo winemaking- and hospitality community as a small family cellar” – translated from the Cellar’s Facebook page

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