Mutasd a szűrőket


The name HOMONNA is probably one of the most widely known “one – man – show ” brand names from Tokaj region. He was the first ‘chosen one’ for Roland Velich’s international MORIC HIDden Treasure project. The easily recognisable “stag-beetle” lables of the creator of the No1 HID wine can these days be found in restaurants and wineshops all around the globe, from the US to the Far East alike.  It is thanks to him, that we are now rediscovering the otherwise centuries old, pure rhyolite-based “Rany” cru from Tokaj Appellation, but many of us learnt about “Hatari” cru from- or through him, also. Attila is now an unavoidable producer in Tokaj, with a very unique style and elegant, globally acclaimed wines.

The winemaker is a founding #govolcanic member

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