CENTURIO Dios Welschriesling

4600 Ft

Volcanic, single vineyard weschriesling ( olaszrizling ) . Off dry.

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“Welschriesling ( olaszrizling ) from Dios single vineyard, 2021

Under the Matra hills, by the end of our village live our olaszrizling vines. Dios vineyard is in Gyongyostarjan, next to an old quarry. The soil has andesit base, it is rich in clay and the top layer is brown forest soil with some limestone patches. In 2021 we harvested the grapes on 20th September, in full ripeness. The berries – after de-stemming – were soaked for 24 hours on skin. The wine fermented naturally, then was left to rest in containers.  The result is a terroir wine that is more than just a welschriesling. There are layers and great depths in both on the nose and in taste, summer meadow, medicinal plants and minerality swirls around in both. Recommended for advanced winelovers. Residual sugar: 11 g/l”  – source: CENTURIO Wine Estate, free translation from original Hungarian

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