Ruispiri Saperavi

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Full body, outstandingly stabile and rich, deep purple-red coloured wine. Best after decanting.

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Tasting Georgian wines for the first time will most likely turn all your pre-existing knowledge and experience about wines upside down.  The products of this country with an 8000 year – old viticulture will resemble nothing you ever tasted before.  The deep amber and purple coloured, seemingly endless variety of mind-boggigly complex and flavour-rich wines, that ferment spontaneously in the ground in amfora-shaped clay vessels ( qvevri-s) will, if you let them,  lead you to a mistical-mythical realm, where being shaken to your core by ancient, inexplicably familiar flavours is a high probability.

Georgia’s most well known (red ) grape variety.   Ruispiri’s  2017 vintage shows the well recognisable style of the winery. It is a full bodied, deep purple-red coloured, outstandingly stabile and rich natural wine. Best after decanting.

From the clay for the qvevris to wine  – the Georgian story beautifully told in 8 minutes:

Watch UNESCO’s short film about how qvevris are mad:



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